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Latest POLITICS News

Democratic mayor joins Kentucky GOP lawmakers to celebrate state funding for Louisville — DGU

The amount of state funding headed to Kentucky's largest city to support

Aniket Aniket

One America News Network retracts article about Michael Cohen — DGU

One America News Network retracted an article Monday that said former President

Aniket Aniket

Last surviving Medal of Honor recipient from the Korean War lies in honor at US Capitol — DGU

The remains of Col. Ralph Puckett, Jr., the last surviving Medal of

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West Virginia and North Carolina’s transgender care coverage policies discriminate, judges rule — DGU

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — West Virginia and North Carolina’s refusal to cover certain

Aniket Aniket

Outraged resident warns what $70M migrant funding will do to sanctuary city — DGU

A Chicago resident and activist who protested against another tranche of funding

Aniket Aniket

Supreme Court rejects Elon Musk over agreement with SEC to vet social media posts — DGU

WASHINGTON — The Supreme Court on Monday turned away tech billionaire and

Aniket Aniket

House Republicans brace for spring legislative sprint with one less GOP vote — DGU

The House of Representatives is back in session for four weeks straight

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Newsom gets hilarious reality check after turning to public for new state coin design — DGU

Join Fox News for access to this content You have reached your

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Biden speaks with Netanyahu as tensions over the Israel-Hamas war mount in the US — DGU

WASHINGTON — President Joe Biden held a phone call on Sunday with

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Trump, DeSantis meet privately for several hours in Miami — DGU

Former President Trump and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis met privately in Miami

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